I am a freelance Graphic Designer and I work in a variety of media.

Over more than 25 years I have worked on a wide range of projects ranging from simple banners to extremely complex websites. Specialising in Design, Advertising, Marketing and Branding I bring a strong 'business focus' to my work, always ensuring that the message is clear and with complimentary imagery.

Following detailed consultation I can generate suitable designs or I can take your ideas and turn them into reality.  Alternatively, if you already have artwork, providing it meets some reasonable design specifications, I can take your artwork and use them to produce fully functional finished work and all produced to a very high standard.


To understand my pricing structure you need to appreciate that not all banners are the same!

My entry level offering, the 'Roll Up' is a quality banner printed on a PET/PVC (PET backed, PVC faced) material, designed to stop the product curling and to offer durability, strength, resistance to tearing and it is light-proof. 

    • The cheapest banners are printed on plasticised paper and are usually described in terms of their thickness eg: '230 micron'.  Such banners tend to suffer from being less robust frequently tearing and are not light proof - the banner if placed in front of a light source such as a window or electric light will allow the light through and detract from the impact of the banner.
    • The next 'grade' of banner is printed on a PVC material.  Unfortunately, as PVC is manufactured as a tube, panels tend to curl as the material tries to return to its 'native shape'.  Banners printed on this material, whilst looking great, do tend to have curled edges.
    • PVC with a 'reversed' PVC backing material.  The backing is added to attempt to counter the curl described above - unfortunately tends to produce banners with 'wavy' edges.
    • My banners are made from a specialist material design to minimise 'curl' and to provide a suitable light-proof, colourfast substrate to enable high resolution graphics to be printed in durable, fade resistant, vibrant colours.

Roller Banners have become one of the most widely used forms of 'instant' marketing around.  Typically they consist of an alloy 'cassette' inside which is a spring loaded plastic sheet that can be drawn up and held in place by a pole.

Typically they can be sourced, via the internet for example, for an extremely wide range of prices starting as low as around £30 rising to well over £250.  How can this be?  Well, obviously businesses are there to make a profit so they can remain in business(!) but the quality of the banner and in particular the banner material plays a major role in determining the price.

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