Website design - Joomla! Specialist

joomla!3.2.2ControlPanelMy web design dates back to to the mid 1990s. Now the websites I produce are all built on the open source Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) which is used and trusted by major institution such as CitiBank, MTV, Harvard, the Linux Foundation and Peugeot to name but a few (as of July2013 it has been downloaded over 35 million times and is the second most used CMS system on the internet after WordPress).

J3loginI only design and publish websites hosted on web hosting packages supplied through BusinessM8 (under its InternetM8 trading style) as this avoids any unnecessary constraints and provision issues when having to work with other service providers services.  As I have a close relationship with them I can 'bundle' their hosting into my service so you only need to have one point of contact and can experience a seemless service.

InternetM8 is built upon over twenty years experience as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and nowadays exclusively utilises services and functionality on a professionally packaged ‘white label’ service provided by one of the top specialist web service and hosting providers in Europe. As you would expect I have ensured that all the services I offer through this provider meet the very highest standards. (They also offer a wide range of ISP services including: SSL Certification (they use the same provider as the BBC, Adobe, Yahoo!, Virgin, the NHS and many more); several varieties of extended hosting from VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated Servers as well more besides and all their services are also available though me. (As Joomla! requires a MySQL database the appropriate InternetM8 package for such websites are their ‘Enterprise’  or 'Elite' accounts.)

Joomla2.5.8ControlPanelI can provide websites for (almost) any budget .  Please take a look at my portfolio for some of the recent sites I've designed and published.